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SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

Rising superstar producer Zedd unleashes a dream collabo with Hayley Williams of Paramore called “Stay The Night” (but that doesn’t mean we’re bound for life, so don’t get any ideas after we, two strangers several hours ago are done fornicating. Yes that’s right. I’m the girl and I’m telling you to not get attached emotionally. This song is very progressive). Zedd backs up his well known criticism of the EDM scene ,saying that most other music not made by him and Skrillex is not good. The record stands out in both a traditional musical sense and a “finger-on-the-pulse” sense. Hayley shines head and shoulders above the traditional “Insert Female Vocals Here” house vocal placeholder, and the piano causes this record to cast a very wide net. Fans out Paramorecan rest at easy knowing their precious lead singer is in good hands for this crossover project, and fans of Zedd got one of the best features possible in today’s music climate. So this one is obviously going to be a mega hit, and it’s just a matter of time before the song starts appearing in movies/commercials and shoved in our face non-stop. Enjoy this one while it’s new, because it’s gonna be everywhere any second.

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