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Ericka Mack, a 28 year old who was trampled by shit-head fence jumpers, just announced that she is seeking $10m from Ultra for her near death experience.  Mack was trampled when a mob of kids fence jumpers, who clearly didn’t have tickets, pushed over a chain link fence and rushed into the festival grounds  – leaving Ericka screaming on the ground.  If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, authorities reported that she was bleeding from her ears with a fractured skull when they arrived.  Holy Fuck!

Ultra is going to fight this stating that the mob that jumped the tense were individuals acting out and not affiliated with the festival.  I think its safe to say she is going to win at least a few million from the “deep” pockets behind Ultra.


A run at the fences #ultra #ultramusicfestival #edmsfl

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Gate Crashes and Fence jumpers always have been, and continue to be a huge problem in the electronic music scene.  Any one who was at Dada Life’s “Dada Land Compound” when it was shut down by Riot Police, knows exactly how much gate crashers and fence jumpers can mess up a good time.   Watch the below video and you will never ever try gate crashing into a festival without a ticket again.



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