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Some People Live for The Aftermovie

Anyone that has been to a music festival knows how exciting it is to watch the aftermovie. I would compare it to finding that awesome $20 in your jeans weeks after you wore them last. The same can be said for the feeling you get when you see the after movie stream past in your Facebook feed. It takes you back to that expensive but totally worth-it weekend.

Ultra has officially dropped the ball, as they have still not released their Ultra Miami Aftermovie 2013 – which was promised to come out in June of 2013. The fans have become impatient and have taken their aggressions to the Aftermovie Teaser “ULTRA MIAMI 2013 – FOREVER IN MY MIND” which has racked up over 1.5 million views so far.

Last years aftermovie brought in over 8 million views, over half of UMF TV’s 15.6 million total views. Ultra Miami’s Aftermovie is currently the 3rd most watched aftermovie on Youtube with a MASSIVE gap between Tomorrowland 2011’s 64 million views and TomorrowLand 2012’s 82 million views. That’s 1.6 billion minutes of watching or better put . . . 3,143 years next time you see a camera at a festival becuase you are going down in history!)

Watch last year’s aftermovie below, and you let me know if you don’t instantly pull out your credit card and buy a 2014 ticket. It’s like a bunch of customers begging for a commercial so we can all drop a few hundred dollars