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The Cake Bosses Have Spoken

Veterans of electronic musics and legend of the EDM world, the Crystal Method, released their first music video off their upcoming January 14th release of their new album, The Crystal Method. Vocals from Dia Frampton infuse the track with a sweet harmonious accent to the Crystal Method’s rugged sound.

The video displays a Cake-boss like show where judges are judging 4 contestants.  Three of the girl which resemble porno stars with limited talent of baking, and one single contestant who is modestly dressed and delivers polished products.  Throughout the video, the three vixens are putting together the cake with little effort and relying on their sex appeal and flare to win over the judges.  The modest women is carefully constructing the cake and receives little attention based on her calculated and precise steps. The three hoodrats proceed to get into a cat fight and the fun ensues!


From looking at the film’s direction, there are many signs that the Crystal Method are frankly ‘over’ what has been going on in electronic music. Cake has been a tossed around symbol as of late in the EDM world. Borgore and Aoki have been on the forefront of the cake revolution with several videos showing them baking cakes, tossing cakes and one can assume they might fuck one at any given moment. The director appears to be showing how artist in the electronic world are feuding for all the wrong reasons and worrying less on baking the proper ‘cake’.  Let us hammer you over the head with an analogy. The cake…is the music.

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