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The consensus of the dubstep/womp-womp world is that Skrillex is back in a very big way. I commend the guy for staying classy in his PR and not taking the critics seriously. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and many newcomers to electronic music feel like he invented dubstep. Hell, his name is synonymous with the genre for those who don’t like electronic music (ie. “I don’t like that Skrillex stuff”). This track redeems him in the eyes of the skeptic, and rAlvinRisk3eminds us of why this guy kicked down the door for other dubstep producers to get their music out to the masses. We hear his signature throat-noise sounding bass and skillful treatment of sliced and processed vocals along with the classic dubstep kick-snare pattern. We certainly know this track is Skrillex. Alvin Risk, who takes a fair amount of influence from Skrillex, shares Skrillex’s ability to arrange what most of us hear as noise into coherent and energetic music. The two form a powerful duo, able to stay current while reminding us of what we liked about Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. This is the second mix of the track (The Try Harder Mix), which is a fun part of EDM. You get to release a song, get feedback and remix yourself til its perfect..or if its already really good, hundreds of other producers will remix it for you. Anyway, Enjoy SoFlo…….#edmsfl

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