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Cue The Circus Music & Bring On the Unicorns

Growing up in South Florida, everyone had their hometown carnival that came every year to their city with one-toothed carnies manning the Gravitron while blasting Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman.  Many memories were made on the Ferris Wheel (first hand to boob contact), a Zipper ride always resulted in a trip to Lost & Found and that damn ping pong game with the goldfish.  Electric Flurry looks to reinvent those childhood memories with Miami Epic Music Festival this Thanksgiving Weekend with headliners Robbie Rivera and Project 46.

Robbie Rivera is no stranger to the South Florida music scene.  The prolific house producer came over from Puerto Rico after graduating from high school to attend the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute to better sharpen his DJ skills learned from playing school dances, house parties and weddings back on the island. After releasing his first album with Ultra Records Do You Want More?, it was apparent that his fans did indeed want more.  In 2007, Rivera began his Juicy Show broadcasting to millions around the world through XM Sirius Radio.  Rivera’s trademarked juiciness still will forever imprint itself in Miami with his upcoming Juicy Beach event hosted at Nikki Beach during WMC.  It appears this performance is just helping Robbie Rivera preheat the oven before he sticks it in our earholes during Winter Music Conference & Ultra.

South Florida is no stranger to the Canadian migration from our friends from the north this time of year.  Every year, you can always count on someone with a Quebec license plate driving 50 MPH in the left lane on I-95 with their turning signal on. The Canadian act Project 46 comprised of Ryan Henderson and Thomas Shaw along with the vocals of Andrew Allen anchor the festival, and the momentum they are bringing is enough to make the Juggernaut blush. No need to remind these guys about speeding up as their meteoric rise in electronic music in 2013 has risen them to #1 on the Beatport List (Dethroned Tiesto) and put them on collaborations with Kaskade for ‘Last Chance’ of his latest album Atmosphere.


According to the description of the event, a fan can expect a 80 foot water slip n’ slide, carnival games and unicorns.  I know what you’re thinking, and no you cannot take home the unicorn.  Goldfish are much easier to flush down the toilet.