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We Get It…We Get It…Your Life Isn’t As Cool Anymore

Since Ultra Musical Festival came and went like a bad trip, people have been expressing some those of melancholy and depressed posts throughout social media.  As much as people have complained about the rise in ticket prices, the growing teeny scene and overall filthiness of the event, the feeling you get after the festival comes and goes for a fan that was in attendance can never be replaced by a Live Youtube feed.  After leaving the gates on Sunday, you knew that Monday was going to be the hardest day of your life. So much pleasure and now so much pain.  It’s a common occurrence for individuals who get the privilege of attending a festival of Ultra’s proportions given that the scale of the festival is pretty much on a plane of it’s own.

The weather. The amazing visual art and production. The buildings.  The flags.  The Argentinian girls with dat ass. So many memories in the moment but after the fun fades away, you’re left with the memories and a hangover that could make you want to jump off a building (don’t fucking do this).  Much like how Ultra had a solution for Aviici’s absence, we here at want to try to be there for you the fans for this potentially uncomfortable moment where you’re looking to find meaning after Ultra. We know the introduction to this article was a bit more depressing than watching a kitten being tossed into a river, but we are just looking to keep it real with our fans and getting you guys in the right mindset for recovery. More music is on the horizon.  So smile and use these tips to help you get over shitty life after Ultra.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Yes Mountain Dew, Fanta and Red Bull are all fluids, but they are not what you’re looking for.  Something that contains electrolytes like Gatorade will help put some life back in your brain. You’re be slivering out of bed in no time looking for something to eat because you mind will be working properly and recognizes you haven’t probably eaten in 48 hours. Recovery formulas such as Raveolution Recovery Formula contain proprietary blends of vitamins and essential nutrients that are marketed directly for the Go-Go boot babe or the Bro on the Go.


Know Your Supplements

Vitamin A, B, B6 and C is are excellent supplement for breathing life into your before a show and can be your best friend after you’re coming back down to reality. These supplements are exhausted from your body as the chemical reaction of alcohol and the impact one’s nervous system from excessive alcohol or drug use could cause the “jitters”.  Taking them pre and post-game are essential for being a proactive individual looking to avoid feeling like a raver junkie.  5-HTP is a miracle supplement I discovered about two years ago, and now it was randomly being sold at the front counter at the CVS near Ultra. The stuff works. It helps the serotonin levels come back to normal after you spent them all at Hardwell.



Plan Your Sleep In Advance

I know this sounds like the most ridiculous thing in the world, but you can never undervalue sleep and it’s magical powers to bring you back from the dead.  For any festivals, I’d literally make a sleep calendar and try to live by it for the follow days.  People who avoid sleep will end up being those aimless fools spatting depressing nonsense on Twitter about Ultra leaving begging for attention and retweets. Get off Twitter at 4:00AM and go to bed you moron. Miami will be the destination for Ultra 2015, and you don’t have the balls to papercut yourself let alone do something real serious so stop telegraphing it to the world.


Don’t Over Text/Communicate With A Love Met At Ultra

Just as they need time to piece together reality, so do you. Texting that guy you met at the Port-a-Potty excessively about how his day was and how much you wish you were back at Ultra is going to drive him crazy the dude crazy. When he doesn’t reply because he is sick of your overbearing and obsessive behavior to consistently relive the moment will drive the dude away. Don’t be upset when doesn’t call you or text you back right away. If he does, he has too many time and can’t be accomplishing too much with his life. Chill and do you.



With the uncertainty of Ultra’s return to Miami, you the fan understand that 2014 could’ve been the last time you would get to experience Ultra on that scale. Downtown Miami has been reported by city officials to no longer being a feasible option. We know they make millions in a weekend in revenue for the city, but how can they ignore 80 arrests, a death and a trampled security guard in critical care?  Here is how we would like to let it.  With the memories of one of the most amazing live performances ever. Feel better fans.