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“The one and only Paper Diamond – this might be one of the most versatile guys I ever run into as far as production. He’s played all over the world – Coachella, Lollapalooza, Electric Zoo – every festival in the world is not complete without booking Paper Diamond.”-Diplo

Pretty powerful words especially coming from your boss.  Paper Diamond has definitely risen to the top of the trap music scene within the past 6 months. From watching him back guys like Vaski and Excision last year, Paper Diamond’s final 2013 resume definitely imprinted him among the big-room, festival trap DJs of 2014.  Returning to South Florida for Ultra, Paper Diamond & LoudPVCK have dropped this new banger for us to bob our heads to.  WARNING: Women who have weak lower backs, please consult a physician before playing this song. The urge to twerk harder than you ever have is real and may result in walking like a duck for several weeks and outbursts of laughter from friends.