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Trials & Tribulations Of Releasing An Album Chronicled For You The Fans

Not many artist grant the fans a window into the creative process and the tribulations behind the creation of an album.  Markus Schulz shatters the ordinary with the release of his Behind the Scenes Video of the creation of his “Scream 2” album.  Schulz provides us with the biopic of each of his new releases with a detailed timeline and location of each release.  It’s a very intimate approach to allowing the fans a view through the microscope to find meaning in his music and understanding of origin.  Knowing where something came from gives the fans a better understanding of where the music may be headed. The trance family will not be disappointed. Schulz sticks to his roots, and he has become solidified as one of the best trance DJs the world has heard. Don’t miss out on seeing Markus Schulz live at Mansion on February 7th.

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