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After Leaks from Their New Album Surface, Major Lazer Appears To Be Headed Upstream

We know they can put on a show. The upside down twerking stable of scantily clad women. The giant hamster ball. And who can forget hype man, Skerrit Bwoy, jumping around the stage.  Major Lazer has come along way since Diplo and friends created the alter-ego back in 2011.  With ultra-sex infused music videos such as ‘Pon de Floor’ and collaborations with electronic royalty La Roux & Flux Pavillion, the crew appeared to be introducing a ground-breaking unique flavor to the electronic music world.

With the release of their album on the horizon and singles like “Bubble Butt” featuring Bruno Mars, Tyga, 2 Chanz and Mystic, one can only wonder if this dancehall act is swimming towards the mainstream.

There is no doubt that their new release of their single ‘Lose Themselves’ continues along the roots of their dancehall roots, but ask yourself, “What will be the future of Major Lazer?” Throughout their summer sets, Major Lazer and Diplo played with Moska, the up-and-coming Columbian producer/DJ, who also released an album on Mad Decent. Tour stops at Ultra Music Festival, Coachella and Life in Color are just the tip of the iceberg for these road warriors.

We all know their music is perfect for festival fun, but we all know what happened to the Baha Men. In no way is one implying that Major Lazer has one track, but their act is starting to closely resemble a rated-R version of “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Does a group who relies heavily on touring and performance flare to earn their dollars destroy the overall creativity of the group? Major Lazer hasn’t stopped, but has their music? We all know what happened to the Baha Men. One can only pray Major Lazer’s music just doesn’t settle for mad decent.

These dogs never came back after being let out…



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