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I’d like to know…how is this judged? Who do you have to grease to win this award? Was there a competition with DJ oriented skills tested, culminating with a playoff and eventual championship DJ Superbowl? I’m not saying this is undeserved; I would just like to see some numbers other than popularity. Are the DJ’s original productions taken into account or just how smooth they mix a show? What do we think about how DJ’s are judged and who holds this spot in your heart?

“Words can’t do justice to how completely grateful I am to receive this honor for a second time. I am constantly in awe of the love, encouragement and energy I receive from my fanbase, which has continued to inspire and motivate me throughout my career. I feel connected to them in such a real way and their support is something that keeps rocking my world. I couldn’t do this without them.” 

– Kaskade (

He’s obviously a class act based on the above quote, but I would like to see the EDM world put on significant, winner take all (bragging rights anyway) contests which attract the major/famous DJ’s to participate in. I will only tolerate someone being named “best” at anything if they have beaten their competition on an even playing field. Some might say the DJ spins for the people, and therefore the amount of people a DJ spins for and their excitement level determines the best DJ. Who knows, but would you like to see various DJ’s go after the title against each other in a more formal yearly contest?

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