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#Homegrownsessions is series of interviews profiling the best DJ’s and producers, famous and underground, that call South Florida home.  From headlining acts to that kid in your dorm that you don’t know is gonna be famous some day, #Homegrownsessions represents true electronic music and DJ talent from our neck of the beach.

Veteran dancehall master and y100’s own DJ GQ sat down with with us late 2013 and talked about his upcoming plans for this year. Splitting time in Jamaica and South Florida,  GQ’s passion for music radiates through his stories of encounters with Akon, DMX, Sean Paul, Beanie Man among others as he made his way through his Reggae-Dancehall-Hip-Hop era.

GQ has become a master of what many consider to be the most important aspect of DJing, track selection.  While you may assume a Y100 DJ would simply cycle through the obvious mainstream hits and bank on his crowd recognizing the song, GQ impresses with his ability to feel the room.  He mentioned that he’ll tease his sets a bit and give a couple different feels/genres early on and notice how the room is reacting, then caters the rest of the music to keep that energy going.



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