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Brooklyn’s Funk Machine Brings Reason To Chaos

When Gramatik made his announcement that ‘Age of Reason’ was going to be released in late January, electronic music’s panties became moist with anticipation.  When he decided to team up with Bit Torrent and release the album for Free, we all just flat-out came.  Huffington Post said it best, “Gramatik is known for lush, big beats that don’t come near the pop-house or “dubstep” tunes dominating today’s dance music community. Instead, the Slovenian-born producer focuses on rhythms and arrangements that incorporate the best parts of countless genres — house, breakbeat, techno, electro, blues, jazz, soul, funk, drum ‘n’ bass — and tosses them together in a thoughtful blend.”  The dude is a walking sound machine with no limits or genres to hold him captive.  Gramatik’s flare for tugging at the heart strings with lovely samples of hard rock and Blues’ guitar riffs along with heavy soulful drops continue to solidify his footprint in a category of his own alongside the likes of RJD2, Ratata, Pretty Lights and Nightmare on Wax (Someone bring this lineup to Florida).

Listening to any album 4 times in a 48-hour period might appear excess to some, but this man’s music hits me like dap to the dome. Just plain stuck in my seat.  Eyes shut and just listening to what felt like an infinite number of instruments in perfect melodic harmony playing such beautiful music. There really is no limits to his range as shown in “Pardon My French”, where he appears to take on a funky, disco Daft Punk-like tempo.   Again, if you’re a Gramatik’s purest, stick to tracks like “Torture” or “Bluestep” to get your fix.  Either way, nobody will be disappointed with this wonderful piece of art.  FYI, there is a donation button for the album.  Unlike a Deadmau5 concert, this album is worth more than a $1.  Best nation in the world is donation folks. Remember Karma.  Free music by making free music is the man’s motto. Download here.



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