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Explain the process of making Scream 2 vs Scream 1

“When I finished Scream 1, I still had so many ideas left – I was still inspired so I just kept working.  Just kept making tracks.  Most people, when they finish an album, they shut down for a while and take a vacation to clear their heads but i just never felt finished. There were stories I still wanted to tell. I just kept making tracks and before I knew it I had the foundation for an album.  When people listen to both albums together they are definitely going to be connected.”

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You just released a behind the scenes video for Scream 2, tell us about the process of making a video.

“The Coldharbour  team, they got my back and we are a real family.  Its fantastic when we have so many people all working for a common goal.  Its gets heavy to do all of this by yourself and I don’t think you can, You have to have a great team around you and looking out for you and challenging each other.”

Can we expect a Scream 2 bus tour? 

“Yes the Scream 2 bus tour – we will be announcing that soon.  I’m very excited, its an opportunity to bring a production into many of the cities that don’t necessarily get to see this type of production.  Many of the people usually have to travel to large cities like Miami to get this type of production.”

So you are know for your incredibly long sets, explain that process man, thats crazy. 


“Well first of all, they [TomorrowWorld] told me they wanted me to have my own stage and to play from open to close.  I said that sounds fantastic but think I started thinking about it I realized its really challenging.  Usually when I do an extended set, its in a club and I can put a fan on and there is air conditioning – but this was outdoors in a hot arena.  It was pretty wild.”



How long into the set did you lose track of time?

“I remember I looked at the time and it was only 6 pm and I realized I wasn’t even halfway there. That’s when I stopped looking, I didn’t look anymore.  I got so involved with the crowd, there were so many people that were there for the entire 13 hours.  So I think it was an absolutely amazing experience. It was mentally and physically draining but so rewarding when I look back at it. “

What was the first DJing experience for you like?

“One of the best memories I have was Space during the Winter music conference 2000-2001 being on the dance floor with Danny Tenaglia playing.  There was one moment where John Digweed was on my right and Carl cox on my left and Danny was just up there just throwing it down. it was one of those moments, it didn’t matter who you were just all looking up and experience the music and there was a unity there.  That is one thing I have always wanted to do, recapture that moment and magic in my sets.

That’s when everything became clear to me.  My father was a DJ as well, so music is in my blood and I honestly feel this is what i was put on this planet for.”

As a father, How do you manage the life between a father and performer?

“I’m very lucky, my family is super supportive, They understand and are very proud.  There is always music playing and we are always talking about music, its part of my families DNA.  Everyone from my brothers to my father, were all involved in music in some shape or form.”