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Electric Love Productions is turning the electronic events world on its side with a new event call “Electric Wonterland Experience” that has been quickly adopted by South Floridians  The new concept is designed to tease all of your senses and includes:

  • Interactive Art
  • Several rooms of sound (15+ DJ’s)
  • Special Effects/Light Shows
  • Themed Exhibits
  • 3D entertainment
  • “Snow Blast” (which we anticipate is going to shower the crowd with real snow!)

The event is taking place on December 21, 2013 and is being held at the Miami Science Museum. (3280 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33133)

We spoke briefly with Jason Shaw of Electric Love Productions and he had the follow to say:

This event will be a unique convergence of interactive exhibits and EDM. Each exhibit will have music involved and each dance space will have special features from the museum. We plan on a 50% dancing and 50% interaction experience. This project has been something we have thought about for a while. The museum has been a huge help with this and we credit them with allowing us to try this within there walls.

There is no doubt this was a big gamble for Electric Love, but the bet as paid off and proved a valuable point:

“Interactive event infrastructure and a merging demographic is the future.”

We may see events changing to include more non-traditional styles:

“This event is a “test run” so to speak. If it goes well and the fans are happy we will absolutely be doing much bigger and more frequent events of this sort. “

The event initial sold out, but since there have been more tickets released.  Prices start at $35 for GA and $55 for VIP open bar.