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This past weekend House/Techno producer, Dubfire, finally blew off some steam and let his fans know just what he thinks about your messages to him.  After a huge uproar from his 400k+ follows the posts were deleted 0 which caused more uproar (God bless the people of the internet, ha).  The posts were deleted by his social media coordinator claiming she “thought that this account was hacked…”    Dubfire has since released an apology, as I’m sure his PR manager completely lost their shit on him.

To all the fans: Over the past few days, I’ve had some time to reflect on what’s transcribed here. You see, I have incredible passion for what I do and I let my passion cross a line the other day. It was never my intention to discourage ANY of you from seeking my advice, support or guidance in a career within our electronic music scene. I had a lapse in judgement and deeply regret how my words have affected you all.

Let’s be clear: I love my fans and would never be where I am without you. All I want is to inspire you the way my mentors inspired me so many years ago so we can keep our scene alive and healthy. I welcome every one of you to reach out to me anytime, anywhere and in any way for advice or support. Have a great holiday and New Year.

Your friend, Dubfire.



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