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Wants To Better Connect With Fanbase

Deadmau5 continues to distance himself form the current EDM standard of behavior hinting at a new subscription based service that allows him to (paraphrasing) “filter out the noise from twitter and soundcloud”. His reddit post provides most of the details here. He  mentions he has over 400 unreleased songs to share through the service, and that the money details are still being hashed out on the business side of things (although he goes on to promise no more than a $5 per month investment will be required).

An artist releasing his music through paid subscription may be the intelligent solution the music industry has been searching for to finally counteract the impact that the MP3 and Napster had. If artists can build a following and receive a small monthly fee from their fans to continue to make music, the artists would feel less inclined to veer toward commercial (product placement-eque) music and continue to give what the fans like. Would you pay $5 a month to have what is promised to be intimate access to Deadmau5 (or anyone for that matter)? Is he making a mistake or starting a trend?