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The Mau5 Has Officially Lost His Mind & Potentially His Miami Fanbase

You might have heard the phrase, “Anything in life that is free will cost you later”.  This statement’s weight resonated  like a basswave from an Excision concert,  rumbling through the social mediasphere after Deadmau5 tickets were released for his upcoming “No Cheese In The VIP” concert.  Deadmau5 took to social media after learning of what was the obvious about black market activity from scalpers looking for a quick pay day.

Shortly after we saw people already scalping tickets on Twitter, I tweeted out  a very clear message.  A message that anyone who is a real fan of Deadmau5 and electronic music would understand. Making a quick couple hundred bucks shouldn’t get in the way of history.  Like your parents before you that have been to amazing concerts like the Grateful Dead (When Jerry was alive), you could talk about the time that Deadmau5 threw a free concert in Miami for his FANS.  The memories are worth more than money.

Again, Deadmau5 continued his message about the profiteers, but who could blame someone looking to make money off of assholes? (World was built on this) Coming to a realization that he himself created this scenario with his bratty behavior at Mansion, took to twitter to remind him that these people are just people.  They are going to take advantage of the situation he created, and the vicious cycle that is human behavior.




We at are not here to judge an artist for his behavior because we ourselves are degenerates of sound. We live for the music, for the fans and for the future of electronic music. Without those three important factors,  we wouldn’t exist.  People are people and that is what’s beautiful about life. We are a race molded by a creators’ recipe mixed in with nice people, assholes and that guy who takes pictures of women on the toilet (weirdos). Frankly, Deadmau5 was offended by our comment and decided to unleash a temper tantrum on Twitter.  Here is where the wheels fell off. Enjoy.



Deadmau5 immediately deleted his Twitter page.  After a couple hour the hiatus, he returned only to block us and a number of other people that were involved in dialogue with the international superstar.  We’ve obtained a couple pictures of Deadmau5 in his earlier stage.  It appears he might want to fuck himself.  Narcissism has no limits with this man.


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