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Listening to the album as a whole, front to back, really gives you the experience of the artist. It’s a way of listening to musicDatsik Let it Burn South Florida

 that’s gotten lost in the generation of downloads/singles. Overall, what Datsik lacks in percussion innovation, he makes up

for using risky awkward (in a good way) chord structures. This compositional tool improves my outlook on the project altogether and keeps it from being forgettable. Most of what we hear sonically/mix wise has been done and overdone already, but, like I said, he’s not afraid to use a sour chord or note to make the song unique. It’s these sour notes that take the tracks into a horror movie-like space. Very interesting.

Yes the bass hits hard, yes the drums smack, and if you play most of these loud in a dubstep friendly club, they’ll all get great responses. These tracks, Oxygen in particular, will be regarded as the fun new bangers to bump when you workout, cruise around or hit dubstep night at clubs. However, the offering doesn’t blow me away on the art-form-innovation side of things. Additionally, I feel that Athena (Track 10) is redundant of Scum (Track 5). They probably don’t need to be on the same album. Outside of the unique chord structures, the album sounds like a great soundtrack to a violent video game.

I’m a nitpicky critic, so don’t let my review confuse you. All of this ivery listenable. Track 2 All or Nothing has a great Reggae feel, as these two genres seem to be very good friends. I’m also a fan of his collaboration with Bais Haus on track 9, venturing more into a rough electrohouse sound. With the grit of a dubstep track and dance friendly rhythm and song structure, Datsik and Bais Haus have their finger on the pulse with this one. Overall this is a 7/10, but not a cop out 7 out of 10…a strong 7 and an enjoyable listen.

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