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It seems that the implied link between “Molly” and EDM needs further conversation. The president of, Missi Wooldridge, has booked an appearance on the Katie Couric show this October the 17th. This appearance on national TV assumes that drug education prevents deaths. Dancesafe offers the controversial drug test kits, indirectly justifying the use of drugs just as condoms do with underage sex. It’s a nice idea in a perfect world where everything goes according to plan and reasonable, morally sound theories. However, how many people are both acting irresponsibly enough to do illegal drugs, and at the same time acting responsibly enough to go through the hassle of testing them? How much will the results matter to these people anyway? The responsible drug user is a rare breed, normally older. The kids we’ve seen die recently were in college, the Disneyworld of life. Asking kids in college who are acting strictly out of instinctual rebellion and the desire for spontaneous carefree invincibility to test their drugs before a night out is a tough sell.

I can see that PSA skit now. A group of cool college kids, male/female mixed races, of course, sitting around a dorm setting listening to music before a night out.

Caucasian Messy Haired Hipster Guy: Hey so I just picked up our Molly. You guys ready to party?

Responsible Mixed Race Drug Using Girl: Cool, but we should get a test kit to make sure, you know, just in case. Do you have one?

Caucasian Messy Haired Hipster Guy: Nah, it’s cool, Bobby said this stuff is the real deal. I always buy from him.

Responsible Mixed Race Drug Using Girl: Yeah but who did Bobby get it from? Did he test it?

Caucasian Messy Haired Hipster Guy: Uhh well….
The other kids, all attractive, begin to look around the room at each other, silently questioning the quality of the Molly they were formerly excited about immediately popping

Responsible Mixed Race Drug Using Girl: Listen, I’m all about havin’ fun and loosening up on the weekends and having fun at a show every now and then, but I’m NOT gonna risk my life. You guys have fun…I’m out.

Caucasian Messy Haired Hipster Guy: Psshh whatever.

Asian Kid with Wool Cap from the Peanut Gallery: Yeah maybe we should be sure it’s what we bought before we pop it…who knows what’s in there?

We see that the group has been won over by sound reasoning and a brave, responsible partygoer’s courage. The PSA ends with the assumption that this discussion was enough to dissuade the group from using drugs until they are properly tested.

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Standard College Kids


Dancesafe makes the assumption that kids in college are interested in education when class is out. I hope the work they do saves lives and cracks through my cynical view of how 18-22 receive serious messages about new and innovative forms of buzzkill, like drug test kits. Do we think that attempting to educate this population of people is pointless or the beginning of making a real difference?

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