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I have to say, I like the song better now that this video exists. Can this record be spun alongside the rest of the high energy EDM electrohouse/dubstep bombs that dominate the airwaves? Probably not. It’s obviously a bit slow and made me think of overweight, 40 something parents fresh off their 4th margarita dancing at a block party. The video at least gives me a much cooler visual to imagine when I hear the song (not by choice, this song will be unavoidable) and continues disco’s revival. With so much womp-womp, wobble bass, samples of kids screaming “call 9-1-1 now” apropos of nothing, glitch and drops, it’s nice to have something EDM that’s a bit more agreeable for everyone, including overweight drunk-dancing parents.
Daft Punk has obviously gone for the jugular with this entire album, jugular meaning Top 40/Grammy notoriety. Random Access Memories as a whole has a diverse mix of featured guests and collaborations, so why go with another Pharrell/Niles Rogers song for any other reason than sticking to their agreed upon formula? A group that has always marched to the beat of a different drum machine conforms to its own temporary formula for the sake of commercial success and Grammy pandering. Is this song just another nice, listenable song or a sign the decline of Daft Punk’s resurgence?