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Its not surprise that Pompano Beach absolutely hates Club Cinema.  In fact, any one that has ever been there knows that your can expect about 10-15 officers in full “military type” outfits to rush into the club and create a scene at least once a

night.  When you go to Club Cinema, you are guilty until proven innocent.  Club Cinema does host a variety of events, but most notoriously they are know for their Electronic Music Events, which sell out every square foot of the venue with 18+ party goers.   The club’s attorney stated that the Broward Sheriff’s Office is simply targeting the club by having police wait around until something happens and they react in force.

Seeing Police sitting outside Club Cinema is a regular occurance

Seeing Police sitting outside Club Cinema is a regular occurrence

In his statement to the Sun Sentinel, the club’s attorney stated:

“The police have many, many times entered our property unlawfully,” – “We have a military force on our property every time we have a show … Why haven’t they gotten a search warrant, if there’s so much going on here?”

As we frequently cover events at Cinema, I can attest that I see the same thing.  I understand the need to keep party-goers safe, but is the city unfairly targeting this venue due to the occupants and the type of music being played?


The city is filing a nuisance property lawsuit stating that if the club continues to operate it will cause:

“irreparable harm will result from continued annoyance of the public, the hazards to club patrons, and continued over-utilization of the City’s law enforcement services and fire rescue services.”


Club Cinema is fighting the charges, and plans on taking legal action if the police enter unlawfully at their next show. (Porter Robinson 11/27)  Please share your thoughts below in the comments section.


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