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Who Will Survive This Battle?

Every college has that aspiring DJ. The guy whose been looking for the opportunity to break away from 80’s night mixes of  ‘Jessie’s Girl’s’. The guy whose sick of getting annoying phone calls from underage girls looking to get 21+ wristbands in return for a Snapchat gallery of snatch shots.  The guy who wants nothing to do with the song, ‘Animals’ after playing it 4 nights a week.  If you’re that guy who desperately wants to get out of the campus bar and into the mix, Campus DJ has a solution for you. No more AYCD nights with the risk of a 18-year old, blacked-out girls puking on your decks.



After a highly successful pilot season in 2013, Campus DJ returns this spring semester 2014, growing from promoting the competition at 18 campuses in 2013 to 40+ campuses across the country.  With major sponsorship from Monster Energy Drink and Chipotle (no brainers), the National Finale will be hosted at the Avalon in Los Angeles.   It doesn’t end there.  The 2014 Campus DJ events will be hosted by college-favorite hypeman Flula Borg, with guest headliners including: Cash Cash, The Chainsmokers, Paris & Simo, Bleaux, and more.  Participants can sign up at no cost at for a chance to qualify for a regional competition or a National Wild Card slot.  Last year’s grand prize winner, Flaxo, received the grand prize of a Mini Cooper S Countrymen (an oxymoron) and a Live Nation Touring Package.



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