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Quite a coincidence that the exact same week that Broward County Sheriff’s Office was in court fighting against the owner of Club Cinema, they decide to announce a DUI Checkpoint.  The funny thing about this DUI checkpoint is that it is located about a block from Club Cinema.   The lawyers for Club Cinema are fighting against the city stating that they police are entering the building without a search warrant (which they are) and the city is stating that Cinema is simply a nuisance and needs to be closed.

The city is NOT fucking around guys, please be safe if you plan on going to this show. While you pack the house, the police will be setting up a roadblock (I bet in both directions)

Date of checkpoint: Saturday April 5, 2014

Time: 9pm – 5am

What show is that night?: UZ, Mt Eden, & Getter

What do you need to do?:  Share this story with as many people as you possibly can – no one needs to get in trouble! Never drive intoxicated! 


Seeing Police sitting outside Club Cinema is a regular occurance

Seeing Police sitting outside Club Cinema is a regular occurrence



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