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EDM DJ/Producer Website Was “Spread Too Thin”

Beatport, recently acquired by SFX Entertainment, recently underwent an overhaul. You hate to hear about masses of people losing their jobs, but the site has become a significant source of value for the EDM community, all while apparently posting a significant operating loss (1 million dollars in Q3 of 2013.) Beatport’s growing ubiquity represents a sign of the times in the music industry. We can only hope the recent change ups will improve the service and maintain what we like about the site: leveling the playing field for up and coming producers and established ones alike, while getting the best music to DJ’s at a fair price. SFX put out a statement regarding the changes.

“With the additional resources provided by SFX, we are making significant new investments in Beatport and focusing on providing the best possible experience for our users – the DJ, the producer, the labels and the entire Electronic Music Culture community. To allow us to adapt and improve our service, it was necessary to make some organizational changes. We have closed our San Francisco office, reorganized our engineering team, and cut some positions in Denver. Beatport has always been about innovation and connection and these moves allow us to focus on that. With the recently announced acquisitions of PayLogic and Arc90, this refocus on maximizing Beatport as the definitive site for everything related to Electronic Music is indicative of our commitment to igniting the simmering Revolution of this astounding movement, Electronic Music Culture. We look forward to unveiling a number of exciting new technology initiatives in 2014.”



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