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Coming through the air waves with miles of sound on this find Tuesday in September, Bassnectar released his Immersive Mixtape Side Two today with another interstellar EDM journey absolutely guaranteed. Not to glorify my man Bassnectar but, he truly is one of the rawest innovators creatively in the EDM world at the moment and has held that title for me and many Bassheads out there for over 5 years plus.

I thought Immersive Mixtape: Side One was something to lose my marbles about with an intro featuring the ever so talented Nina Simone BUT…Immersive Mixtape: Side Two was designed to have you enter the vortex of Bassnectar’s imagination with soulful hip hop throw backs, classis, mixes and drops. What I love about the beginning of this Mixtape is truly how you feel like you’re getting ready to blast off right out of your seat with a powerful intro featuring—Ming &FS’s, Retrace (Bassnectar remix). Bassnectar raises his own bar musically by encompassing his own remixes, harvesting others sampling magic and putting his signature touch on it all.

There’s a true ethereal sound with Immersive Mixtape: Side Two because he’s taking you deeper into his music giving more melodic side. And as always, it wouldn’t be a Bassnectar Mixtape if he didn’t add his alternative metal flare with mixes featuring the Deftones My Own Summer. Immersive Mixtape Side One & Two are by far the best mixtapes that Bassnectar has thrown out there absolutely exemplifying his love of a broad spectrum of music.

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