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Releases Big Song With A Bigger Video

Avicii and his team seem to know what they’re doing from front to back, selecting the right samples to produce, producing the music properly within the pop format and then creating the right visual for a given market.  His “Hey Brother” video, while controversial for being very heartlandish coming from someone not of this country, was emotionally strong and artistically unique when considering the uniformity of much of the EDM scene.  “Wake Me Up”‘s video seemed to be a step in the direction he eventually found with this latest offering.

Avicii’s new video for his latest single “Addicted To You” makes the 3 minutes and 20 seconds fly by with its engaging storyline, rapid character building and strong cinematography.  I wasn’t hooked immediately, since being a cynic tends to keep your “Is This Good?” defenses up a bit longer.  However, when the action started picking up (in more ways than one), I quickly realized that the standard had been set for what an EDM video can be, artistically speaking. Tasteful lesbian action combined with robberies, explosions and dance music….can’t miss.


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